What to say when you get a woman?

What is the first thing you say when you get a woman who already knows? There are some men who are very shy and did not know what to say to start a conversation. And there are still others who talk up smoothly, but the chat does not take them anywhere. Or women lose interest or the guy is just standing in the area of friendship. If you expect to find some sort of “teaser infallible” or “magic phrase” able to pick up a woman, sorry to tell you, but you will not find here.

But there are some ways to get you started and also keep a conversation that will bring you a proven way to achieve better results conquer a woman. We will introduce you to a tool of seduction routine that is called, is nothing more than a sentence or story that you memorized after having counted several times. You know that great joke that whenever you tell, everyone laughs? She is an example of routine, because after repeating it several times you become very good at telling it.

This includes any history, phrase, or even joke that you memorized. We adapt the use of routines to be used at the time to conquer a woman. You will need something that is interesting and also at the same time may spark interest in women. Nothing to get all men equal, “Can I meet you?”! Firstly a man who has attitude will not ask permission for any woman. Not to mention that you still need to stand on the other. We present to you 3 simple and natural ways of being able to start a conversation with a woman:

1) Hi..

Despite this simple speech, it is amazing how just a “Hi” in a very confident will bring good results. Remember to have a good smile, eye contact and also proper posture. If you’re shy and you also have great difficulty in getting, say “Hi” to at least 5 women per day, this will be a good start.

2) Hello girls! Can you give me a female opinion?

woman loves helping others, and if you ask for a “female opinion” will make her (s) is (m) curious (s). Ask the opinion according to what you find most convenient. For example, if you are in a mall, ask for help to buy a gift for her sister. Ask with a certain tone of affirmation…

3) What’s that you’re drinking?

If you are at a party, do this kind of ask and answer so she has an interesting story to tell. Preferably one that you already managed several times to tell his or her friends and they all enjoyed. Only two cosias. Pay attention at the time of transition, not to look like it is telling a story that has nothing to do with the matter. And also another thing. Do not ask that question if the answer is obvious. If she is holding a glass of champagne and you wonder what she’s drinking, it will look like that is a moron.

Before you leave your house to approach women, we need you to know something very important.

leaving The its mouth is only 7% of human communication, ie the other 93% of such communication is composed of non-verbal communication, ie the body language and voice. So you just decorate your routine is not enough. His body language through posture, manager, looking, smile, and even the voice should be complicit in their communication. Try to be as natural and spontaneous as possible, women love it.