What makes a person attractive?

Why women are attracted to certain types of men and why men are attracted to certain types of women?
According to the findings of recent studies and recent data coming from brain imaging research, men are attracted to women more fertile while women are attracted to the best caregivers or providers.

Men and women were designed so that they are attracted to the person to take them to a healthy family with many descendants.
All that attracts men towards women are the signs of female fertility. Of course, men rarely realize that this is the reason for the attraction.
The lover hips and waist, full lips, big eyes, small chin and feminine look are good indicators of levels of female hormones.

Why women need more time to develop emotions than men?

Since men were designed to be more attracted to fertile women, most of them can find the woman of their dreams at first sight. View There’s love at first sight.

Women on the other hand, instead of seeking the most fertile man, looking at the best guard or the best father for their children.
Of course physical appearance is also important for women, because it indicated good health, but genes can not say for themselves what a good father is a man.

That is the reason why women need more time to qualify the personal characteristics of a man (including his personality and other resources) before deciding if the man of her dreams or not.

When it comes to developing feelings of attraction, men are like lighters, while women are ovens. While a man can go on at once, women need a little time to collect important information about the man who looks interesting before judging if it is a good partner or not.

Appearance long-and short-term

The studies found that women who seek a short-term mate give more importance to physical appearance and are usually attracted to men who look more masculine or tough males.
These women will take less time to develop feelings for these men. On the other hand, women seeking couples over time take more time to assess personal characteristics.
In other words, a woman spent more time evaluating whether your goal is marriage.