Tips and advice – remember the little details!

These are some tips (and reminder) fast: remember that the little things are what matter most.

Not sure what these “small details”?  Ok, here’s a list of some examples.

Here are the list of small details:

  • Wish him good and beautiful day, every day
  • Kiss and hug when you see her, shows happiness just by their mere presence
  • Hold her hand when walking across the street and… if they are together and can do (keep in touch always)
  • Hazle caresses of love (sóbale hair gently touches her face and cheeks, etc)
  • Let him love notes
  • Wish him good night
  • Tell a compliment occasionally
  • Tell him to look good in those clothes
  • Tell that looks good without clothes
  • Look into her eyes when talking
  • Smile and make her smile, please “dumb” together
  • Ask him what had lunch and worry about your health
  • Ask him how he feels and really listen to what they say, give your opinion, help them solve their problems
  • Give her the most precious thing you have: your time
  • Send a Message text telling her how much you love
  • Embrace it and give kisses in public (but not overly so), just show your love to the world
  • Buy him a gift and give, not on an important date or one that you’re supposed to, but in an ordinary day, an ordinary day in which the world has nothing to celebrate… But you, you celebrate love
  • Think of that special person (all you have to do is think, the other person does not have to know… think good things about your loved one… and soon you’ll be expressing those thoughts, in one way or another)
  • Listen to it and pay attention to the things you crave and want, maybe you can cumplírselas secret. The best way to demonstrate that “listen” to that person when he speaks is by acting on what he says
  • Speak with love, uses ” love please “and” thank heaven “. Being in a relationship of trust does not mean you can treat the other person as you want, the respect to all
  • What really conquest (and the link) are the small details. Those details that are not measured with money price but with sentimental value… the nicest NO costs money, it costs effort, dedication and love.