Signs that a woman likes you

The attraction signals

When it comes to attraction, men are less subtle than women to show what they really feel. They have more courage to let the person know that attracts them interested.
Men give obvious signals and that is why we have this thing called body language . On the other hand, women are more subtle when it comes to expressing their attraction and interest in the opposite sex. Could it be pride or anything, but that’s what usually happens.
What are the signs that a woman is attracted?


This may be a sign of physical attraction to a man. Use blush on the cheeks is a representation of the natural blush. But there are instances where the flush draw is not to say it could be caused by other reasons.

Prolonged eye contact

The eyes are a part of our body that sends powerful signals. They are very expressive. They reveal how we feel inside. A simple eye contact indicates no attraction, but a constant and prolonged contact may mean something else. If a woman looks at you again and again, is that you find attractive.


A smile is definitely a sign of attraction. A girl who is attracted to a guy smiles a lot, and accompanying facial expressions and raise eyebrows.

Physical proximity

If a woman looks for excuses to be around you, then it only means one thing. Another way to achieve physical proximity is leaning forward in the direction of the person you are attracted to. If a woman finds attractive is probably try to be near you.

Start a conversation

She starts to talk to you or makes you irrelevant questions just to keep the conversation going. These are signs that a person is interested in you.


The person who is attracted to you to make you feel good compliments. laughs at your jokes. Because she is trying to establish a connection with you, trying to impress, and one way to do that is laughing at your jokes. This shows you who like your sense of humor.

Willingness to flirting
A woman who feels very attracted to you is open to flirting . Even using these issues to flirt with you and let you know that into you. These are signs of interest and attraction to you.