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Binary Options: discover how easy it is to trade

The binary options information on this site was created specifically for a point of reference for those who looks for the first time in the world of finance perhaps much trumpeted on television and in newspapers, but in particular to clarify the options binary options binary options as an investment and binary as a possible source of income.

Advising investment will drive the user to select the best binary options broker almost like a game simply by following our advice and binary options information and learning the basics of trading binary options. The fact, the purpose of this article and the material is published is to raise awareness to the reader the opportunity to make money with binary options simply by learning characteristics, risks and advantages of trading with binary options.

Binary options are essentially a financial instrument really simple enough to predict the future trend of price of financial choice to make money with binary options, in the underlying assets related to binary options we have: the market for equities and that the investor will have to choose between securities broker chosen what is the future trend Vodafone bargaining title rather than the title Google, or will have to predict whether the stock index rises or falls in value or how it changes the price of gold and silver commodities or currencies Forex EUR / USD and others.

The binary options are called using a term taken from information that is binary indicating the possibility that a figure assumes the value of 0 or 1, so the choice is the binary options, that is you have to choose between only two possible results. Obviously there are different types of binary options which may not deviate their function from the initial choice of two possible values: growth or loss. Items characterizing operation on binary options are: an underlying asset, the maturity of the binary and the price of the binary when the investment and the price at maturity that will then give way to determine the success of the operation (the prediction) made ​​by the trader.

Use these elements is really simple because initially it is necessary to choose which underlying asset investment and as we said we can vary depending on the broker to a stock index to the price of gold or a stock or a currency pair Forex. Following the choice of the underlying asset is necessary to fix a deadline operation for example a period of time within which the binary option will end and you can see if the prediction was correct. Fixed maturity making the expected development on binary option chosen according to the price in relation to the deadline and at this point purchased binary option is to wait for the expiration of the option to assess whether the forecast proved to be correct.