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In 10 Minutes His Attitude and Habits will tell you if He’s right for you

It is the fact that there are two complicated things in the world, men and math – but even mathematics is logic! Well, as funny as it sounds, it’s not that. Men think more simple and pragmatic than we talk about making love and a passion for intrigue and convoluted scenarios.

Most times, is how do it: “what you see is what you get”.In short, attitudes, customs and other small clues will allow you to “guess” at length possible partner right from the first meeting, and to figure out where you fit. It’s easier than you think…

Money do not make the man happy, but give it away!

How your guy pays, cash or credit card? An ambitious man, confident will pay most of the times, with card. This indicates a certain social status that is proud, that has a rewarding career in financial and others, and he’s sure of himself in business. Men who pay in cash are more like self-sufficient, who prefer independence. If the kind who keeps crumpled money in the back pocket of jeans, nothing can be clearer: looking for someone to care for!

The wolf changes his hair, but not for the habits

Watch your habits and his little gestures, as say very much about his personality. In general, bad habits such as smoking are deeply rooted and if it bothers you at the beginning of the relationship, not illusions that you will give them to you. Men who drink a lot and often hide deep insecurities and secrets of the past, trying to forget. Those who can not stay away from gambling is self-destructive and adrenaline addicts and eternal optimism that “they give blow” and try to attract all kinds of business and “combinations” in the early days are the of which should stay away.

Birds of a feather flock together

“Study them” friends and find many clues about how the being of your beloved possible, just the ones you would like to hide them initially. Guys who have the same friends since childhood are feeling and ask price on loyalty. Will not easily adapt to changes and make you fight to gain their trust, having always in check until you are sure of your feelings. Once deceived or disappointed, such a man would prefer anything but to return to your arms, so be very careful. Those different circles of friends, work, the gym and almost all environments in which spin, are more flexible, feel good in their skin and quickly adapts to your desires.

Lover on… known sports

Most men love sports – and physical activity is preferred by defining guess you personality. Guys playing or watching team sports – such as football or baseball – are extremely competitive. One of their little pleasures is essential to follow the gang matches, so be prepared to be “neglected” sometimes – they know to make up later. Men passionate individual sports such as athletics, cycling or swimming tend to be lonely guy who needs time on his own, away from the world. Guys, quite rare indeed, who do not like sport personalities are usually very sensitive and liberal thinking. Are also the most unpredictable and do not like to be imposed rules.

Communication is the key to more secrets than you think

How best to communicate with your partner you choose otherwise inaccessible betray details about his life. I send e-mails instead to call you? It means he wants to edit the text carefully and choose words carefully until he gets to know you better. But there can be another woman together, which means he can not call you at any time, for fear of being caught. If you always write on messenger, then that needs more attention than it currently offers. If you do not understand that sometimes you’re busy and do not react too well to the phrase “talk later”, it could be like ultra-jealous and predatory. If a man prefers to call you instead of you always write or give your SMS is an indication that there is no privacy issues or a serious relationship.