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My ex has no feelings?

Your ex seems unsure of his feelings for you? Hesitations? Remoteness? It does not advance? Or you have more contact?

We just created a special training for those who are trying to regain their former and are in these situations for a better relationship situation.

Here is the tips and advice:

How your couple got there?

Contrary to what you think your ex had long since decided to leave you. And in addition, to complicate matters, your ex does not tell you what he/she really thinks (and instead you hear “you’re not there for nothing,” or “I lost my feelings” or yet “the problem is me”)
# When was the break?
# What are the real causes of the rupture?
# 3 reasons why you communicate well with your ex right now
# Why your ex the villain?
# Why you seem to be on different wavelengths when you talk?
# Why does your ex will never return under current conditions?
# The two biggest causes of failure (you 99% chance of being in)

Make the point: why should we get his ex?

# For what reasons your relationship worth?
# For what reasons should you escape bad your ex?

Start by SE change

Regaining it is a work which is done both. Here we will see what are the points to work on yourself.
# A trick to take a step back from the break
# How to ask the right questions about your relationship?
# Where to start when you are in a fog in his reconquest ?
# What is the thing you forget SIMPLE systematically taken into account when a conquest?

Reboot the dialogue

Dialogue is the key point of the Reconquest. When it goes in the right direction, it is easy to get to reform the couple.
# Write a letter (with all the examples of sentences)
# How to tell his ex that recognizes the rupture?
# How to pass in a schema: relation -> complicity -> reconquest

Remove quickly the feelings of your ex

To seduce your ex there are topics that awaken feelings and other topics that will completely forget.
# What types of appointments to propose?
# How to get in the appointment, how to behave, when to leave ?
# How to give a rhythm to your appointment?

All questions that arise during a conquest!

# There are only five reasons why an ex keeps in touch. Is he or she there for the right reason?
# Is that your ex will keep you in the elbow? There is a very simple solution to ensure this, you should not enter into some kind of relationship.
# Why would re-frame the dialogue with your ex could help you to recapture?
# How long one re-conquest average?
# What if it does not move fast enough?
# Why we suffer so much?
# How to behave a relationship with his ex on social networks?
# Should there be jealousy (is) a former ?
# Am I going to pick on one re-conquest love not
# What if my ex has met someone?
# How to behave with mutual friends?