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How to stop feeling insecure in a relationship

Every relationship is a mirror in which you can see yourself, and your relationship with your parents, friends, colleagues or your partner. For most, the relationship is the most difficult, because an intimate relationship also becomes a mirror in which you see every facet of your life. So if you have conflicts with yourself, will become apparent in your relationship. Feeling insecure in a relationship is just one of the reflections of the mirror and do not have to do with your partner.

Signs that you are insecure in your relationship

A relationship should be a celebration of life and not a source anxiety and challenges. Share life with another person is an experience rewarding. If you feel insecure, your relationship will be a source of pain rather than happiness.

The most obvious signs are:
Anxiety constantly face the possibility that your partner will leave
Feeling a great need for love and attention from your partner
Search your partner a feeling of completeness
Feeling very possessive of your partner
Spying on your partner
Feeling a lack of confidence in your partner even if you have not done something that melts and distrust sa
To enjoy life is important to feel safe. Insecurity constant can take away a lot of energy.

This is not your partner but with yourself

There is nothing wrong to blame others for your insecurity. Nothing or swim is responsible insecure you feel apart from your thoughts, perceptions and constraints. If you want to feel safe, you need to change your internal conditioning. It’s easy to blame the couple and asked to change their behavior to make you feel more comfortable, but long term it will be fatal to your relationship.

Use your insecurity as a sign of internal transformation

Fear is a signal that indicates a conflict will make you feel. So if you feel insecure in your relationship you may have some inner conflict, and the only way to overcome it is to solve the conflict. Stop avoiding a confrontation and look within yourself.

Overcome your lack mentality

The main reason for insecurity in the couple is because you feel you’re missing something, and this is manifested in you feel anxiety about losing some aspects of your life as a relationship or money. The only way to overcome this mentality is to understand that the power to create the reality you want to live in you.

Discover who you really are

The race of all fears, insecurity is that we know who we really are. In our minds we have some ideas about who we are, we’re called human beings, we have a name, status, gender, etc.. but are just labels and ideas and have nothing to do with who we really are. You eternal consciousness, have no limits, intelligent, creative and love, but you will notice that if you hold on to your identity based on an idea. Who you are is lost in the dream to imagine how a person limited. Wake up and discover your true potential.
The inner journey is self realization, about finding your truth. Once you know who you really are, you begin a process of deconstruction of the old conditioning your mind, so you get complete liberation or freedom from all forms of insecurity.

Your true nature is free of dependencies

The reason that we feel incomplete and seek a person is because we have moved away from our true nature. The most beautiful relationships are forged between people who do not need anything special, but they share their love for each other. There is so much space, independence and joy in a relationship that is not based on dependency.
The only way to free yourself of independence is that it fills you find instead of looking at relationships, career or finances. This creates external circumstances reflect that state of abundance back to you. Stop looking externally and find your own true nature, your own identity to you free of all forms of dependence.

Overcoming Insecurity

To stop being insecure in your relationship you should feel complete without it you will be looking constantly on the outside and you always feel anxious and insecure. Once you discover what fills you, your relationship will be free from conflicts automatically and will be a source of happiness. The only real freedom that comes of self-realization, or find who you are beyond the ideas you have about yourself.