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7 Tips to become unforgettable mate

Surely that’s happened to walk by somewhere familiar scent ever felt before processing and why you look familiar, or who that scent comes to mind a cascade of memories , images and that person from your past that thought forgotten and overcome? Yes, there are a number of secrets that may make the unforgettable woman or man , who perhaps already passed into the background in the life of your ex but secretly can spend several minutes a day to remember in secret. These are the tips that every lover knows expert, and why not publicize them if you want to be the fantasy of him or her, that perhaps could not have treated you as well as you wanted but your memory becomes a little sweet revenge. What are the tricks?

1. – Your smile: Believe it or not, a good sense of humor can be one of the great tools.

Learn fun together and smile at him or her and life in general can establish a baseline with her boyfriend who may have their attributes but lacks be more spontaneous and smiling, so I worry your pretty and show off white teeth and show that despite the bad times are optimistic.

2. – Memories sensory: Use a scent that makes you distinctive

a. You can not resist thinking of you every time you are faced with that sweet smell of vanilla or perfume that often compliment to hold.

3. – Dress reflects your personality: Be consistent with your personality and dress shows your security and seal which will make you think and remember if you were cool.

4. – Take your hair with pride: Which African lion shows and proudly wearing your hair; clear that with a little more concern, make your hair look shiny, clean and good aroma. Nothing worse than your partner can not play with your hair because it looks bad or excess gel.

5. – Demonstrate safety and handle stressful situations with dignity: It shows that the worst of circumstances independent of your dignity remains steadfast and sure you can look / to give a good look at all. He or she will be proud to be your companion.

6.- Foolproof Manners: Care to talk with your mouth full of food, that simple gesture makes you tear down your secure and sophisticated image that you had planned but all can make him or her feel ashamed if they are sharing with others.

7. – Remember important dates: It is not necessary that you have memory like an elephant, but do you think that you do not stop thinking about him or her but also the choke on such concern. It may seem an “obsession” and that makes any escape. So some detail made by your own hands, like a letter, can make the unforgettable lover and insurance, despite the years that gift may hide in the depths of your closet, hoping that the couple never find shift . Luck will develop and secure new and interesting tricks that you become the man or woman of your dreams .. Although secretly.