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Body Language for Flirting

The language body is something we all have trouble reading, especially the one shown for a dalliance or flirtation. Have you ever flirted with a guy thinking he is really interested in you only to realize that in fact they are not? This is the way the language read body of flirting and how to tell if you really care about you that man.

1. Eye Contact

Girls, if you are making lots of eye contact with you, is a sign language body you should watch. It’s the same for men . So the next time you see a guy trying to look into your eyes, flirts with the back.

2. Smiles

Smiling is always a good sign and it is definitely something that you should pay attention. If you are smiling, probably thinks you’re cute and wants to approach you. So why not show your confidence and take the lead?

3. Temptations

Ever have a guy you tempted? And has continued to do so trying to attract your look without really doing? This is a sign language body which certainly indicates that he likes you.

4. Closeness

Do you constantly find yourself with that guy when you do your stuff and is very close? This signal should definitely be watched. After all, why other reason than that a guy likes you would want to be around you?

5. Nods

Did you know that the way in which the head is tilted may mean that the guy likes you? Right. If you tilt your head, it means that you are listening. It also means that you are paying full attention to what you’re saying and making sure to capture every word you say.

6. Hide gaze shyly

Hide your eyes timidly is a trick that many women use when flirting, but also is a trick that many people use. If you hide your eyes from yours, but you are constantly watching you, is flirting with you.

7. Dilated pupils

Believe it or not, our eyes can betray us when we do not want them to. If you notice that his eyes dilate you are interested in what you say.

8. The mirror technique

Copies? Every action he does? For example, stands with hand on hip and you do the same. If you laugh you laugh too. It is natural for us to copy something we like someone.

9. Watch your hands

When I’m nervous or when I like something I get agitated. It is a sign that you like what you see and you get nervous. Not a bad thing, it is anticipated. So next time you see him nervous, go to him.

10. The touch of the feet

A man does not touch your skin just because you want to, but because he likes.
These are the top 10 language signals body indicating that she likes you.