How to know what women want

It is very difficult to know what goes on in the head of a woman, and sometimes not even understand themselves, so imagine us men? He went out with a woman, and the situation is kind of cool not know if she’s really in your or not? In fact when a woman has an interest for us, it begins to overcome unconscious conscious. Most of the time what the woman says, is not really what she feels, but the nonverbal language says exactly what she thinks.

If you have not discovered, do not be alarmed because it is not the only one here knows what are the that transmits signals when the woman is interested in a man, and discover the way forward. Taking the first step is the most important!

She looks too much for his mouth
The more interest in it you have, the more attention it will be in his mouth. If she is thinking about how it would be with you, she is wondering how would kiss him, and naturally eyes will be on her mouth

When she caresses her inner thigh
Even better would you caress the inside of her thigh, instead it… Hmmm…. The truth is exactly that, it’s like you were touching the inside of her thigh, if you know what I mean.

She’s looking at your Back
Know that there are only men who like to look at women’s bodies, they also love to look at the body of men, only in a more different. The woman starts to observe the man from the top down, from your face, with greater emphasis on your eyes, through your mouth, going to the hair, and only after party for the rest of the body, after which they leave for shoes, watch and clothes in general, and at the end of it all they look at her ass… Remember that it all began at the point of eyes, and now came back in because everyone else is already worth it for her… When you get up to go to the toilet, notice where her eyes are focused.

She slip leaves the shoulder strap
If she’s a top, and suddenly the handle and slide it up again, no big hurry. By showing a little shoulder is the intention of provoking the well, or when she caresses. It is a well-sensual and believe, purposeful.

She massaging her neck
A woman is stroking his own neck while talking to you, is practically an invitation for a massage very discreet, but you must have the knowledge to ring type: if it is slow and smooth is an invitation for a massage, and if it is fast and with more force can only have the meaning that is very nervous.

She looks you discretely, smiles and shakes her hair after that?
Some women stir the hair with his hand, the other with his head, stirring the hair well so sensual. If she does these things several times, it’s because you’re naturally enticing. We all know that hair is a quite sensual element that women have, and they also know that!

When she sighs, leans, and lowers his voice
This is all deliberate intention of gets you closer to your head to it, it’s like she said to invade her space, in fact this maneuver always works.

She approaches you to talk enough
like The more a person physically, with more desire that is close to us, touch and feel this person also. If she almost near its mouth the idea is the same: “Kiss me”, and about that has no more to be said…

She smiles too
much If she smiles, does not have much to say, because it really is is interested in you. When a woman has an interest in the company that is around, everything revolves around her smile.

she touches his arm
She is talking to you and always plays on his arm? Actually she is touching because you’re always wanting to be near you.

She puts objects near you
Unconsciously, if it is related, it will always close by thee the keys, the body of wine in the restaurant, the purse, etc… so you can get close to you easier.