How to face negative opinions about your appearance

People learn to interpret different situations incorrectly in ways that strengthen their erroneous beliefs about how they look.

But the challenge that some people face is finding clear evidence that not beautiful according to their own interpretation, this evidence comes in the form of negative feedback about their appearance.

How to face negative opinions about your appearance

Before, you must be clear about the following facts:

1. The perception of physical appearance is not constant

Studies have found that people can change perceptions about their physical appearance when they experience emotional changes. If for example you have come close to someone who is upset, you may find less attractive than you really are.

2. The perception of women about attraction changes all the time

As a result of hormonal changes that women experience during their cycle, their perception of physical appearance changes all the time. During the time when women are most fertile are attracted to men with more masculine faces, while during the other parts of your cycle, are attracted to men with more feminine facial features.

3. The subconscious mind records the bad memories

A person may find unattractive simply because you look like someone who does not like. The bad past experiences like being treated badly by a parent or a friend can do that for this person, all the other people who look like them who made damage are not attractive.
4. Personality affects how people see you

One study found that people can change their thoughts about the attractiveness of others after that are contacted. Mainly it has been shown that personality affects the way people perceive your physical appearance.

5. People may find unattractive jealous

Jealousy can force the mind of a person to dig in order to find your flaws unattractive, even if you’re really cute.

Even if someone tells you that you look good, not to say that you look really bad, but something affected your perception about your physical appearance.

If someone told you that you are attractive, but one or two say you’re ugly, you can ignore those negative comments and consider misconceptions.