How to evaluate the couple’s relationship by sleeping position

By the positions taken when you go to sleep and during sleep you can understand how’s the relationship with your partner. Let’s learn more with the help of this guide.

1. When one of them prevails over the other (him or her that grabs all the blankets opened that supports a leg up on the companion or occupies much of the bed etc..) means that the subject is a little too selfish and that has a selfish view of the couple.

2. When both he and she are positioned at the edge of the bed, giving himself away, it means that the relationship is no big crisis: wider is the gap, the more the couple is in crisis, because the vacuum in the bed between the two indicates lack of communication.
This position may also indicate a solution “comfortable” between partners very independent.

3. When he embraces and envelops her in spoon, man assumes a dominant position, but protective. She, however, requires protection. He is a mature, perhaps paternalistic, while she is still a little child and infant.

4. When he is a little intrusive but only because it seeks more contact, more intimacy, as she turns her back, it means that the man loves to partners and maybe he’s trying to be reassured, while the woman shows a certain coldness and more detached.
This position refers to two different ways of living the couple.

5. When the couple sleeps embraced, facing each other, without defenses or distances, means that there is a total and mutual trust in the relationship that all is for the best.
Though the day occurred in friction, it is not of deep problems.