How to become the person you’ve always wanted to be

Are you happy how are you?
Are you happy with the people you meet today?
Are you the person who always dreamed of being or are very different from who you wanted to be?
Do you consider yourself a brave person? Have confidence in yourself? Or do you need that you should make more effort?
Culture shapes the person

In centuries past, teenagers made up and were leading great armies. It was not uncommon to see a boy of fifteen in battle. Some of the leaders of the armies were under 25 years.

Can we find a leader for 18 years today?
No, surely that child will be more concerned about how their hair looks, weight and many other factors insignificant.
What is the difference between people today and before?
All about the different beliefs that have been exposed as a result of the culture in which they live. This is not to say that war is good, but to grow in a different environment can totally change your beliefs about the world.
How to become the person you’ve always wanted to be
The ideas to which we are exposed give way to a large extent, what we are. A hero father raise him sons heroes. An entrepreneur entrepreneurs breeding, and so on.

But what if you did not have the good fortune of being raised by the kind of father you would have liked? The good news is you can be programmed by other factors besides your parents.
The belief that you build, the books you read, the people you see in movies change the way you see the world and make you who you are today.
Why are not the person you want to be?

In the morning, talk to negative people and believe them.
In the afternoon, listening to music that promotes despair.
At night time movies that teach you how to be anything but who you want to be less.
And then you wonder why you are the way you are.
It’s all about the culture to which we are exposed. Start looking for a role model, start listening to music that really makes you a better person, begins to see the films that can help you become a true hero.
Long ago, the inspiration came from the real heroes. Today we have the Internet, a tool that can replicate the culture of the real heroes or make someone very different, depending on how you use it.
You will become the person you’ve always wanted to be when supporting your desire with a culture that will form new beliefs about yourself and the world.