How to be an attractive person

When it comes to attracting potential mates most people make the same mistakes and then wonder why they do not succeed.
Usually, the people began to show interest in the other person and then look for signs that show mutual interest. If these signals are, become optimistic, but they give up.

The problem is that most do not know is that these signs may have no effect unless you are considered an attractive person.
Imagine that the less attractive person you know starts to send signals of interest, are you forcing this to be attracted to that person? Of course not.

Now, what if an attractive person begins to send signals of interest, does not this mean that the chances are you will like more?

The first step is to be attractive

Before sending signals of interest must be attractive. Each person believed to have a certain level of worth. The people are only attractive to those with similar or greater value.
So if a person who believes that is worth less than you are about yourself, you may consider yourself too good for that person.
Based on this fact, we can conclude that to be attractive must first show the other person you are worth as much or more than her.

How to be attractive?

Prove it indirectly: The people you love are worth more but those who publicly declare detest. You do your best to disclose certain information about yourself indirectly, so that forces the other person to conclude that more vouchers.
Social Proof: The effect of suggestion to shape beliefs is limitless, but the suggestions should come from reliable sources, such as close friends.
Do not be needy, a good guy or aggressive: The people who say their emotions early, which is always in need or those who persecute the other person does not have a chance. When a person realizes that you are being followed, that person automatically concludes worth much less so is not attractive.

What to do when a person is attractive

Once you make sure to be attractive to others, you should start sending mixed signals that confuse your target.
At this point, he or she will begin to think more about you, wondering why you’re being good one day and cold the next, until you get the fix to occupy his thoughts completely.
Only at this point can declare your emotions.