tips to solve your marital problems

4 tips to solve your marital problems and save your relationship

You noticed, I started getting interested in this subject a little more closely: how can we save our marriage? After all, it is in the theme of RELATIONSHIP, since we come here to make changes to his former relationship to the trash and rebuild a brand new, all beautiful, rebuilding the foundations of a healthy couple and united. And we love to go into detail and not just give you some guidance without further. So we went for a little coaching session for couples!

Tip # 1: Confront your problems

All couples, including the strongest relationships can cross areas of turbulence. While the stability of your relationship is proven, trying to bury the problems, no matter how minor they may lead to a downward spiral causing irreparable damage. You do not fight against the difficulties until recent disappearing or being forgotten. The first reaction is, however, usually avoid confrontation. This is the best way to let disagreements and disputes take root and split a couple. If you have clear ideas about your feelings on this or that point, the best thing is to approach it. Do not let time expand your problems, otherwise they will quickly become intractable.

Tip # 2: The Science of apology

Normally, if your past is pro in the art (especially if you read The Magic of the Reconquest of T Dub Jackson or my translation of his vision of taking responsibility here and there)! Learn to apologize before his couple shatters can break the barriers between you and your partner. Whether you are responsible or not the problem in question is not important. What matters is being able to bring down the pressure and lower the guard of your contact. Highlighting your regrets about the evolution of a situation, you will demonstrate a concept of respect which will lead to a reconsideration of the seriousness of the facts and the restoration of a relationship of trust probably lost in the tumult of conflict.

Tip # 3: Do not be too prescriptive

We often talk about emotions and frustration in times of conflict. This can cause aggressive behaviors (both verbal actions that matter) to impose its point of view to another. We start demanding things of her partner and gets irritated if he/she does not respond favorably. That is like throwing oil on the fire. Your priority is to work with your partner in a cooperative manner, and not erecting you against him/her. Nobody likes to receive orders and be treated with an obvious lack of consideration. Clamp does not have the freedom of your partner, it is so inevitable return against you.

Tip 4: Sacrifice and compromise are the key to success

When the atmosphere is degraded in a couple, we often lose touch with reality. It focuses on “who is wrong and who is right” and even forget how much we love our partner. But the goal is not to “win” the battle, and to prove that your perspective is more relevant … I even want to say: WE IN FIGHT! This kind of behavior is due solely selfish and competitive logic that can not afford a warm and friendly relationship. In short, this is the best way to go right into the wall. To break this vicious circle, you must recognize your share of responsibility in the breakdown of mutual understanding in your relationship, but also accept concessions. Take on yourself and swallow your pride, compromise is the most pacifist. Once again, this is a mature and assuming that the confrontation is useless, you will arrive at around the wall that stands between you and your partner. This will open the field for discussion and finding solutions adapted to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and solve your marital problems.

Logic calming the situation is quite simple: take the first step in showing your willingness … what is more difficult is to stick to it! And I wish you all to do this!