Men and their fear of rejection: where it comes from and how get rid of it

 When it comes to your relationship are many things that cause fear and anxiety of a man. Regardless of physical age, education, professional or social situation, fear of rejection, occupies a central place in the agenda of every man interrelated and is experienced intensely negative. Where does this fear? There are educational and cultural models, but also a strong biological component, whereby man is forced to assume a social role defined.

According to these patterns of behavior, a man should be strong, virile, energetic, competitive, courageous, to take initiative and find solutions to problems faced by the couple or family. When these male traits are questioned, the man begins to fear. What happens when a woman rejects a man? What effects has NOT told by a woman. When a man is criticized and misunderstood, will feel rejected and humiliated and will avoid to open the soul and communicate openly. It is very important for women to realize that male Ego and sense of identity are generally more fragile than in men than in women and, therefore, can be more easily injured. A man faced with such situations loses confidence, is filled with negative emotions and behavior is blocked, paralyzed.

Men hate the idea of “reject” and therefore not openly express their emotions and desires towards your partner. Some tips to overcome fear of rejection: Find out why you are afraid of rejection .

1. It’s the first step you need to do

What are the reasons behind this fear? Examine your own thoughts and feelings when confronted with this emotion. Be honest with yourself and you will begin to have a clear picture of the problem.

2. Recognize the consequences of this fear

What are the effects of such emotions in your life? How do you feel and what is your behavior in a relationship? What is the reaction of partner and how do you want things to evolve in the future? The answers to these questions will help you define your fear and start the road to overcoming them.

3. Talk openly with your partner?

If you want to change that express your feelings and thoughts. Take responsibility for your part of the blame and seek help and understanding partner. Not only guilty, and together must find solutions for your relationship to work and develop over time.

4. Trust yourself!

Do not let your fears and fears to lead life. Trust yourself, and your attitude will change and your relationship will benefit.

In 10 Minutes His Attitude and Habits will tell you if He’s right for you

It is the fact that there are two complicated things in the world, men and math – but even mathematics is logic! Well, as funny as it sounds, it’s not that. Men think more simple and pragmatic than we talk about making love and a passion for intrigue and convoluted scenarios.

Most times, is how do it: “what you see is what you get”.In short, attitudes, customs and other small clues will allow you to “guess” at length possible partner right from the first meeting, and to figure out where you fit. It’s easier than you think…

Money do not make the man happy, but give it away!

How your guy pays, cash or credit card? An ambitious man, confident will pay most of the times, with card. This indicates a certain social status that is proud, that has a rewarding career in financial and others, and he’s sure of himself in business. Men who pay in cash are more like self-sufficient, who prefer independence. If the kind who keeps crumpled money in the back pocket of jeans, nothing can be clearer: looking for someone to care for!

The wolf changes his hair, but not for the habits

Watch your habits and his little gestures, as say very much about his personality. In general, bad habits such as smoking are deeply rooted and if it bothers you at the beginning of the relationship, not illusions that you will give them to you. Men who drink a lot and often hide deep insecurities and secrets of the past, trying to forget. Those who can not stay away from gambling is self-destructive and adrenaline addicts and eternal optimism that “they give blow” and try to attract all kinds of business and “combinations” in the early days are the of which should stay away.

Birds of a feather flock together

“Study them” friends and find many clues about how the being of your beloved possible, just the ones you would like to hide them initially. Guys who have the same friends since childhood are feeling and ask price on loyalty. Will not easily adapt to changes and make you fight to gain their trust, having always in check until you are sure of your feelings. Once deceived or disappointed, such a man would prefer anything but to return to your arms, so be very careful. Those different circles of friends, work, the gym and almost all environments in which spin, are more flexible, feel good in their skin and quickly adapts to your desires.

Lover on… known sports

Most men love sports – and physical activity is preferred by defining guess you personality. Guys playing or watching team sports – such as football or baseball – are extremely competitive. One of their little pleasures is essential to follow the gang matches, so be prepared to be “neglected” sometimes – they know to make up later. Men passionate individual sports such as athletics, cycling or swimming tend to be lonely guy who needs time on his own, away from the world. Guys, quite rare indeed, who do not like sport personalities are usually very sensitive and liberal thinking. Are also the most unpredictable and do not like to be imposed rules.

Communication is the key to more secrets than you think

How best to communicate with your partner you choose otherwise inaccessible betray details about his life. I send e-mails instead to call you? It means he wants to edit the text carefully and choose words carefully until he gets to know you better. But there can be another woman together, which means he can not call you at any time, for fear of being caught. If you always write on messenger, then that needs more attention than it currently offers. If you do not understand that sometimes you’re busy and do not react too well to the phrase “talk later”, it could be like ultra-jealous and predatory. If a man prefers to call you instead of you always write or give your SMS is an indication that there is no privacy issues or a serious relationship.

Tips for finding a partner

Today it is quite easy to find a partner, the Internet has been a social revolution when put in contact people who have the same similarities, complementarity, love, compatibilities, etc. But not everyone is open to Internet dating when… And in any case everyone from finding your ideal match. When, how, and where. These three questions are essential to consider when finding a mate. We will give some good advice.

1. When dating. Be Prepared, these advices is that when you’re ready to get married with someone you love. There will be more problems, frustrations and feelings from previous relationships that input mortgaged much of your chances. Solve problems before they are inherited from your past relationships.

2. Learn to be happy. Forget your troubles and learn to be happy. Do not resort to someone else to download your unhappiness… Take a first step: try to be positive.

3. Attitudes. Adopt the right attitude. Although the couple is two things work better if you’re able to be part adopt a generous, tolerant and understanding. With this attitude you will be able to expand the range of interesting people, even beyond that you indicate as “compatible”.

4. Sincerity. If you want to find a partner and not sporadic and ephemeral relationships builds a strong foundation for your new relationship: to be honest when considering who you are, how you are and what kind of relationship you have.

5. Fall in love. you’re not accommodating. Try to find a partner who is able to make you feel, ilusionarte, fall in love… Although mistake, if there is love involved, maybe you have insurance for potential problems, disagreements, etc.. Love and couples should be looking right?.

6. How to find or choose partners. Do not close to anything. The person may be ideal for you can be anywhere. Not easily discover if you insist on closing doors. You have many possibilities:

Through family and friends. They know you and maybe they can help you find people from your circles at work, travel, etc.. It is one of the classic routes. “It is important that you open to friends and I confess your interest in finding a partner. The problem is that sometimes it is a very restricted circle and conditioned by previous relationships.
Through work. Some of the people with whom you interact occupationally maybe if you gave them a chance they might find very different perspectives to the work. It is a possibility to consider.
Travel, join clubs, associations, social activities. This is another classic way. It has the advantage of extending well beyond your circle of family, work or friendship.

Social networking. It has the advantage that you can meet new people and do not agree to much. The downside is that many people may not tell the truth and fictional characters posed when related through internet. Some social networks are quite serious and successful.
Where “link”. Sociological Studies of where league. See our blog ” Where flirt. ” to see the advantages of the most frequent.

7. Do not hurry. not force the pace, do not hurry. If you followed the previous steps (forgetting past relationships, be positive, generous…), your ideal partner and may appear at the time and by any means less waiting. Many well sometimes happened, and no reason to suppose that does not run millions of times.

8. Speaks, please, try to honestly know others. This is the basis of success in finding a partner. So get down to work.

9. Improve as a person. Everyone can improve. If you like someone who you think is better than you. Set yourself a challenge: improvement. Read, study, learn, go to the gym, lose weight, improve your appearance, get fit…

10. Risk 3C. You can lose it but what can you win?. If you think it’s worth take a chance. Life only live once and at the end you might regret not having lived…